Gem Type Group Hardness Refractive Index Specific Gravity
Zincite Secondary created 4 2.02 5.68

Zincite is a very cool material.  Natural Zincite is extremely rare and I’ve never seen anything gemmy.  The Zincite we have is created, but it’s kind of cool the way it has come about.  There was a Zinc factory in Poland years ago and it was torn down.  Many years later (about 15 or so from now) collectors started finding these beautiful Zincites in this area.  At first they believed it to be a new discovery, but later learned that the crystals formed in cracks of the smelters and got buried when they demolished the factory buildings.  From what I understand, it’s not particularly economical to create it so this accidentally created material they’re finding in Poland is the only source.  Many collectors have gone in and pretty much mined it out so what’s available in the market may be the last of it.  There’s lots of orange and sherry brown material but others colors like yellow, green, and white are quite rare.  We sorted through 1000’s of carats of material last year to get a handful of these rare colored pieces of rough.  It has amazing optical properties so the brilliance will knock your socks off.  It is soft though so it works best in earrings or pendants.

I love this stuff.  The crystals are beautiful and unique.  The faceted gems sparkle like you wouldn’t believe.